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In 2012, I initiated the “Matters of BLACK” multimedia project. Its essence lies in recognizing the significance of Black lives by preserving and sharing their authentic narratives. The historical richness of Black history, particularly in regions like Florida and Texas, faces distortion, suppression, and erasure.

This deliberate misrepresentation not only deprives today’s generation but also robs future ones of their rightful heritage. Such distortions perpetuate systemic ignorance, leading to enduring prejudices.

The “Matters of BLACK” Project is a platform for Black individuals who voluntarily share their experiences in America. It emphasizes raw, non-fictional accounts as descendants of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. These accounts are not mere stories but factual testimonies.

They offer readers an intimate insight into the realities of being Black in the United States. Through sharing these narratives, the project aims to raise public awareness and drive meaningful societal transformation.

The project provides a compelling exploration of the complex racial dynamics in America. It offers:

Historical Depth: By delving into the historical foundations of racial tension, tracing it back to the Civil War and even earlier with the transatlantic slave trade.

Contemporary Relevance: By linking historical events like the foundation of the KKK to present-day legislation like the Emmett Till Antilynching Act, we create a narrative that encompasses both the past and its impact on the present.

Generational Exploration: Emphasizing the generational transmission of beliefs, stories, and memories provides a unique lens to understand the deep-seated nature of racial prejudices and tensions.

Diverse Perspectives: Acknowledging the varied views of Confederate descendants underscores the complexity of the topic and avoids monolithic representations.


“Matters of BLACK” transcends politics; it’s a cultural exploration that seeks to unveil the intricacies of Black experiences in America. It invites all individuals to engage with these narratives, fostering a deeper understanding of the shared human experience. Through art and storytelling, “Matters of BLACK” becomes a bridge that connects diverse perspectives and celebrates the richness of Black history and culture.

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