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The Coolest Beanie Baby Rock Collection on the Planet!

Unveiling the Tapestry: My Beanie Baby Ọ̀nà Babalawo Stone Artography Collection & AI Storytelling in Celebration of Black Polymaths

Introducing my Beanie Baby Ọ̀nà Babalawo Stone Artography Collection, complete with AI storytelling personas. This collection aims to honor and raise awareness about Black polymaths specifically descending from enslaved African Americans, and has achieved exceptional expertise across various disciplines—be it in arts, sciences, business, or technology. The significance of this cannot be overstated, especially when considering the systemic obstacles, including racism and limited opportunities, that Black individuals often face.

As masters of multiple “forces,” Black polymaths are breaking barriers and defying stereotypes. Take historical figures like W.E.B. Du Bois, a sociologist, historian, civil rights activist, Pan-Africanist, author, and editor. Or contemporary luminaries like astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Their multidisciplinary skills are akin to how Jedi Masters in Star Wars utilize the Force to navigate complexities in various sectors of society.

The term “Ọ̀nà Babalawo” is rooted in Yoruba culture and translates to “The Path of the Babalawo” or “The Way of the Babalawo.” A Babalawo is a Yoruba spiritual guide skilled in interpreting the Ifá oracle, often using sacred stones as tools for divination. These stones symbolize foundational truths, stability, and spiritual power. In many ways, these Ọ̀nà Babalawo Stones are akin to the Light Sabers wielded by Jedi Masters.

My collection aims to establish a parallel between Babalawos, Black polymaths, and Jedi Masters. Each Beanie Baby in this collection represents a specific field or discipline, holding its unique Ọ̀nà Babalawo Stone. Just as Jedi Masters wield their Light Sabers and wisdom to guide others, Babalawos and Black polymaths use their unique set of tools and “T-shaped skills” to mentor and lead in various sectors.

In summary, both the Babalawo and the Black polymath serve as guides. They help people understand and navigate life’s complexities, each with their specific tools—whether it be Ọ̀nà Babalawo Stones or a wide-ranging set of skills. Therefore, a Babalawo could be considered a “Black Jedi Master” in Yoruba spirituality, while a Black polymath exemplifies this form of mastery in today’s American landscape.

Choosing the Right Ai Language Model

LLaMA 2 vs ChatGPT

LLaMA 2:

  • Higher Parameters: Up to 70 billion, offering more nuanced text.
  • External Benchmarks: Strong candidate for complex tasks.
  • Flexibility: Free for commercial and research use, though there are limitations for large user bases.
  • Cutting-Edge: Slight improvements in performance due to newer data tokens.


  • Maturity: Extensive community support and documentation.
  • Integration: Easier compatibility with existing platforms.
  • Cost: Licensing fees may apply depending on your use-case.

Conclusion: LLaMA 2 is potent for demanding computational tasks, but ChatGPT offers a more mature, possibly easier-to-integrate solution. Your choice will depend on your specific project requirements.

LLaMA 2 Installation Options

Local Installation on macOS

  • Guide: Karan Kakwani’s Medium guide tailored for Mac with an M1 chip.
  • Advantages: Complete control in a local environment.

Using Llama2-webui with gradio UI

  • OS-Agnostic: Operable on any OS.
  • Flexibility: Accessible from virtually anywhere.

WordPress Integration Steps

  1. API Key: Register for an API key if required by LLaMA 2.
  2. WP REST API Custom Endpoint: Create an endpoint in WordPress to interact with LLaMA 2.
  3. Front-End: Implement AJAX calls to the WP REST API to communicate with LLaMA 2.

Local macOS Setup

  • Local Server: Make sure your WordPress server can access the local LLaMA 2 server.
  • Proxy Endpoint: Create a PHP function on WordPress to communicate with LLaMA 2.

Llama2-webui with gradio UI Setup

  1. Web UI Accessibility: Make your server publicly or privately accessible.
  2. WordPress Plugin: Create a custom plugin for AJAX functionality.
  3. AJAX Calls: Use JavaScript or jQuery for real-time interaction.
  4. UI Elements: Insert UI components for user interactions.

Code Snippets

JavaScript and WordPress Plugin code remains the same as in your example.

Best Practices

  • Secure Communication: Opt for HTTPS.
  • Validation: Validate user inputs and server responses.
  • Error Handling: Build robust error mechanisms.
  • Rate Limiting and Caching: Be cautious and efficient.

Hosting Options

  • Docker Container: Flexible and scalable.
  • Local Machine: Ideal for prototyping, not production.
  • Cloud-Based Service: AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud for high traffic.
  • Virtual Private Server: DigitalOcean or Linode for cost predictability.

Final Considerations

  • Security: Ensure a secure hosting environment.
  • Performance: Evaluate the computational requirements.
  • Accessibility: Ensure API accessibility from your WordPress site.

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