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A Custom Photomosaic Algorithm Artography Project: “People Pixels”

By August 6, 2023September 10th, 2023#MakeArtMakeAware, Projects

In 2012, while serving as a Creative Technologist at Pop Multimedia in Seattle, Washington, I was tasked with researching and conceptualizing groundbreaking technologies for the Halo Master Chief Anniversary Mosaic project. This initial exploration allowed fans to see themselves as pixels in a digital mosaic of Master Chief.

Drawing upon past experiences, I’m now pioneering the “People Pixels” project. This venture builds on a unique custom algorithm I developed, inspired by open-source Python code. The project transforms my original photographic works into photorealistic, mosaic-style art pieces. These aren’t just any mosaics; they’re crafted from personal connection images shared by individuals. Together, we create a digital tapestry that celebrates interconnectedness and unity, with applications both in the virtual realm and as public art installations.

Distinguishing Features

Augmented Reality Experience

“People Pixels” goes beyond static images. By utilizing state-of-the-art video encoding technology, it enriches the final photomosaic with an augmented reality experience accessible through a mobile application. This dynamic component adds a layer of interactivity, immersing the viewer in a unique journey through the art piece.

Core Functionality

  • Image Collection Platform: Developed with robust security features and user privacy in mind, the web-based interface simplifies the upload process of participant images.
  • Base Image Flexibility: Compatible with any base image, the algorithm—developed in Python—offers boundless creative possibilities.
  • Community Engagement: Designed with inclusivity at its core, the algorithm supports social media campaigns and outreach for community participation.
  • Virtual Visualization: Enables viewers to explore individual pixels and view the mosaic from various distances.
  • WordPress Integration: Developed as a WordPress plugin with best practices for security and functionality.

Target Audience

This project appeals to art lovers, educational organizations, community activists, digital creators, and the general public interested in collective digital art experiences.

Business Impact

By offering the sale of specific pixel locations, “People Pixels” introduces an innovative revenue stream, facilitating fundraising and brand engagement. This revenue supports the artwork and fuels philanthropic missions, turning art into an agent for positive change.

Technology Stack

  • PHP
  • WordPress Plugin Architecture
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Python for custom algorithm development

Compliance & Security

The project adheres to GDPR and other relevant privacy laws, offering a secure environment for users to interact and upload images.

Next Steps

The subsequent phase is critical and multi-dimensional, comprising further refinement of the custom algorithm, rigorous performance testing, and invaluable user feedback collection. In tandem, we’ll be launching targeted marketing campaigns to galvanize community engagement.

Funding Strategy

To sustain and scale these efforts, I’ll be using a calculated funding strategy. This involves identifying and securing financial backing from appropriate sources, which could include arts and technology grants, corporate sponsorships, and philanthropic contributions. The acquired funds will not only accelerate development but also ensure the project’s longevity and impact, aligning it with both artistic and philanthropic objectives.

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