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Artists Statement

I am a polymathic veteran with a diverse background spanning the military and technology sectors. Far from adhering to specialized roles, my interdisciplinary approach is fueled by a love for patterns and processes. My life’s work is essentially a ‘journey versus destination’ narrative, setting a valuable example for future generations, including my granddaughter.

My fascination with art and technology was kindled by childhood curiosities and solidified with my first 35mm film negative nearly four decades ago. In photography, my interests span the intricate dance of light and shadow, expressed through both color and black & white techniques. Far from being a traditionalist, I find the full spectrum of artistic expression invigorating, and I still treasure the tactile experience of working with film.

While one could label me a ‘Creative Technologist,’ that term only scratches the surface. I revel in the avant-garde, particularly when it concerns the transformative power of emerging media and technologies on human behavior and perception.

Creative block? That’s foreign to me. My wide array of interests ensures there’s always a project to nurture, so I never feel compelled to rush to completion. Each endeavor is a stepping stone on a longer journey, one that I hope triggers a ripple effect of change. I share my work as a comprehensive storyteller, aiming to offer immersive experiences through a rich blend of photography, art, and technology. In doing so, I build upon authentic connections with places, individuals, and communities to enrich my narrative.