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Artists Statement

Refelcting upon prior footsteps

I’m a Military and Technology Veteran that now uses photography and art for enjoyable therapy, and I share for the same purpose. When there’s a “Y” in my journey’s path, I leap with faith to explore unpaved “Renaissance” routes.  I’m a constant process of self-exploration that’s mapping my journey’s path for my granddaughter.

Inspired by childhood toys, and making my first 35mm Film Negative nearly 36 years ago,  I’m drawn to the details of light or the lack of it in extremely dark environments and/or manipulating it within any environment.  I’ve progressed to making Color and Black & White images respectively for each time of day as a result, and I still shoot Film today.

I was a technologist, and I will always be a Creative Technologist with an avant-garde interest in changes of perceptions, behaviors, or reactions influenced by new awareness, mediums, and/or technologies.

I believe a “change” can be influenced if presented with something “uniquely” artistic.  When sharing my work, I hope to provide unique, holistic user experiences that communicate a genuine passion for doing what I love.  I’m a storyteller that relies on genuine relationships with a landmark, building, landscape, person, community, or event to better express my experiences with each using any combination of photography, art, and technology.