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Functional Specification: photo cliques smARTwork by George!

By August 12, 2023September 8th, 2023#MakeArtMakeAware, Projects, smARTwork

Cloud IoT Augmented Reality Artwork by George!


The “photo cliques” project aims to provide immersive, autonomous user experiences through the integration of augmented reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), and cutting-edge technology. This functional specification outlines the key components and features of the project.


1. Autonomous User Experience

  • Always-On Artwork Card: The default screen displays an artwork card that is always on, providing a continuous visual experience for viewers.
  • Efficient Updating: A “while True” loop ensures that updates to the artwork card occur only when there are changes, preventing unnecessary redraws and conserving resources.

2. Motion Detected Smart Interactions

  • Motion Detection: The project incorporates motion sensors to detect viewer presence and movements in front of the artwork, enabling interactive and responsive experiences.
  • LED Control: Smart interactions control LED lighting based on motion detection, enhancing the ambiance and engagement of the art environment.

3. Mobile Web App

  • Custom Mobile Web App: A custom mobile web application with unique fonts is designed to provide easy access to the “photo cliques” AR experiences.
  • QR Code Integration: Users can initiate AR experiences by scanning a “photo cliques” QR code, granting them access to augmented reality content.

4. Augmented Reality Magic

  • AR Content Integration: Augmented reality content, powered by React Native, ARKit, and ARCore, seamlessly blends 2:30-minute videos with the real world. This integration enhances viewer engagement, encouraging exploration and interaction with AR elements.

5. Google Cloud IoT Integration

  • IoT Connectivity: Integration with Google Cloud IoT allows real-time performance data transmission, GPS tracking, and security for artwork and photographs.
  • Physical-Digital Connection: The project bridges the physical and digital realms, enabling data exchange between the physical art environment and the cloud.

Hardware Requirements

– Raspberry Pi Zero W

  • Micro USB OTG Adapter
  • MicroSD Card
  • Reliable Power Supply for Raspberry Pi Zero W and Pixy2 Camera

Interaction with Pixy2 Camera

– Interactive Art Installations: Pixy2 captures viewer presence and movements to trigger dynamic changes in artwork.

  • Museum Exhibits: Pixy2 tracks visitor interactions with art, providing insights into visitor behavior.
  • Customized AR Experiences: Pixy2 recognizes viewers and specific objects to offer personalized AR content.
  • Artwork Security: Pixy2 monitors the presence of people around valuable artwork, triggering alarms when unauthorized access is detected.
  • Visitor Analytics: Pixy2 collects data on visitor behavior, including counts, paths, and engagement metrics.
  • Enhanced QR Code Experiences: Pixy2 enhances AR experiences when users scan QR codes associated with specific artworks.
  • Dynamic Lighting: Pixy2 adjusts ambient lighting based on viewer presence and movements.
  • Artwork Documentation: Pixy2 captures images and videos of viewer interactions with artwork.
  • Artwork Feedback: Pixy2 collects viewer reactions and feedback based on facial expressions and gestures.
  • IoT Integration: Pixy2’s data can be integrated with IoT devices for real-time monitoring and control.


The “photo cliques” project offers an evolving exploration of the intersection of art and technology, providing autonomous, immersive AR experiences. Integration with Google Cloud IoT ensures a dynamic fusion of creativity and innovation. The project aims to redefine digital storytelling in the art world, inviting viewers to explore, interact, and immerse themselves in every moment of the magic.

Please note that the code implementation details will be provided in the Technical Specification document, separate from this functional specification.

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