Immersive Art Exhibition Design Project

I am in the process of designing a few exhibitions of my work.  I’m placing focus on the connection to my work’s message and the user experience of that connection.  One way this is accomplished is by using Augmented Reality technology within my exhibitions.

Using a proprietary App, anyone that scans an image or print that has been encoded with a video will experience an immersive Augmented Reality experience from their mobile devices.

Time-Lapsed Video

“Thought Process”

I’ve always enjoyed immersive user experiences, and I played with Lite-Brites and as a child.

While attending the Art Institute of San Antonio in 2014, I was tasked with a project to create a 1-minute time-lapse video.  I decided to combine over 3500 nighttime long-exposure images that each took 20 seconds to make in Downtown San Antonio, Texas that I titled “Thought Process.”

Augmented Reality Digital Image

“Ignited Friendships”

I made several other images that night, one being of the “Tower of Friendship” after noticing that there was an unusual amount of car traffic circling which resulted in this image after a 20-second exposure that I titled “Ignited Friendships”.

Today, the “Thought Process” video is played back to mobile devices when “Ignited Friendships” is scanned using augmented technologies.

Download the Live Portrait App to your phone, and scan the “Ignited Friendships” image from a computer screen of any print on any medium or size to view ” the “Thought Process” video.