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Photographer George Edward Freeney Jr.

“Pegi, Oona, Dwight, Alison, and Mary are truly talented artists and educators that have shared a unique, kind respect for each other for decades where they've built an Art Gallery of wisdom at the Barnes Corner Gallery. I genuinely acknowledge the same respect with this amazing opportunity to share my artwork within their beautiful space during the Candy Land Christmas Artspin in Historic Downtown Wilson, North Carolina!”

George Freeney Jr.Creative Photographer/Artist | Wilson, North Carolina

#MakeArtMakeAware: Artography

Creative Photographer and Artist, George Edward Freeney Jr., will be sharing pieces of his “Artography” artwork from his #MakeArtMakeAware project at the Barnes Corner Gallery during the Candy Land Christmas Art Spin event on December 11th, 2021 in Historic Downtown Wilson, North Carolina.

George has selected artwork that tells stories of personal self-discoveries, movements of subject connection, and his evolution as a full-time photographer and artist.

He understands that his friends and family may find it difficult to travel, so he is previewing his pieces to allow virtually available before and after the Candy Land Christmas Artspin event at the Barnes Corner Gallery.

“Painted by Poppies” Artography Triptych

Artwork Summary:

“Painted by Poppies” was inspired by George’s reflection upon a single day of photographing amongst Poppies while in the Lozere department located in South France.

“Painted Poppies”
Is a 12″x16″ digital Water Color variation of the “Wild Poppies are a Painting” image.  It’s printed on heavy textured Hahnemuhle William Turner Fine Art Water Color paper and is host to the signature of this Triptych.

“Wild Poppies are a Painting”
A beautiful High-Definition 16″ x 20″ variation specific to this Triptych.  This image is the host inspiration of the Triptych and is printed on stunning Fuji Pearl Silver Halide paper.

“It’s Glowing Poppies”
An original 12″ x 16″ multi-layered Acrylic and Resin painting that when exposed to UV or sunlight light, emits a beautiful glowing effect in dim, or low light spaces.

The “Painted by Poppies” Artograpy Triptych will be available during the Candy Land Christmas Artspin event at the Barnes Corner Gallery.

#MakeArtMakeAware: “Abstracted Perceptions” :a way of being

George discovered late into his adult life that he is on the functioning spectrum with Asperger’s syndrome.  Full of confusion and uncertainties, he realized that it explained a lot about his childhood, and he has since lived knowing in private while expressing himself through his many creative mediums until now.

He has designed the “Abstracted Perceptions” :a way of being series from abstract photography images he made while at the Beaufort Seafood Festival in Beaufort, North Carolina.

He is sharing and making available (4) 12″ x 12″ High-Gloss Metal signature Artist Proofs that he used to determine various editions required to support future calls for submissions or entries for consideration.  He will be submitting for inclusion in the Rochester Center of Contemporary Art 6×6 2022 Exhibit in Rochester, New York, and for consideration in the High Contrast International Juried Exhibition in Poughkeepsie, New York.

He hopes to publicly bring awareness to Asperger syndrome, and the impacts it has on his daily life while demonstrating an example of the amazing contributions that anyone, but specifically African Americans with Asperger’s can share creatively.

“Abstracted Perceptions” :a way of being 12″ x 12″ High-Gloss Metal Signature Artist Proofs

George will be offering (4) 12″ x 12″ High-Gloss Metal signed Artist Proof prints from the “Abstracted Perceptions” :a way of being series.  Each will be available to the public for the first time at the Corner Gallery during the Candy Land Christmas Art Spin in Wilson, North Carolina.

“Convergences” :one AP Artography Biptych

George is a Professional Creative Photographer and Visual Artist who specializes in several genres of photography and art mediums.

The “Convergences” series is a Water Drop Macro-Photography series is George’s first milestone towards approaching “Artography” as a process and practice.  He designed a photoshoot that required several days to set up using 4 powerful flashes and a macro lens and used it to capture water drop collisions within a container of Acrylic paint color combinations and a special water mixture.

The Acrylic Paint is carefully placed before each collision and the Acrylic paint run-off from the container eventually dripped onto several 5″ x 7″ canvases creating some unique pour-painted patterns that converged a photography approach with the actual practice of Pour Painting in traditional mediums.

The “Convergences” :one image was actually the first produced during the shoot.  George is clear to share that it’s very uncommon to get recognizable structures from the tiny collisions on the first trigger.

Although part of George’s personal collection, the “Convergences” :one Artography Biptych will not be sold but will be shared publicly for the first time at the Corner Gallery in Wilson, North Carolina.

“Convergences” :one Artography Biptych Mid-Gloss Metal Artist Proof

The Artist Proof used to create the “Covergences” :one AP Artography Biptych was printed as a 12″ x 12″ Mid-Gloss Metal print.  It was exhibited during Art3 in the Craven Council’s Bank of Arts in New Bern, North Carolina in May of 2021, and was available at the new Wilson Arts Center in Wilson, North Carolina.

The “Covergences” :one AP Artography Biptych is available for the first time during the Candy Land Christmas Artspin event at the Barnes Corner Gallery.

George is a Veteran having served as an Air Force K9 Handler.  Today, he’s a certified Art therapy Coach and uses his practices in the arts to help others including Veterans how to use art to cope with struggles of PTSD.

When asked about how he feels when sharing his military experiences, he shared, “I used to think that I could only share, discuss, or be reminded of my military experiences with those that experienced them with me; because no one else could possibly understand, including my immediate family.  I’m not sure if I don’t feel the same way today, but I know it’s beneficial when I’m moved to express an experience through my artwork.

Having the best support systems and pup in the world, doing what I love, and sharing it back is my therapy.”

#MakeArtMakeAware: “Man of War”

“Man of War” is available during the Candy Land Christmas Artspin event at the Barnes Corner Gallery.

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