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“As a Veteran Military K9 handler, I knew I wanted a Border Collie puppy. 1 year ago to the day, I came across a litter of pups online that shared pictures of a 2 week old puppy with a white tip on his right ear. I knew at that moment that I was going to have a new buddy named "Babatunde", and he was going to be my buddy and I was going to train him to be my Pet Portrait pup!

He was the perfect citizen and lighting setup model while experiencing a take your dog to work day where I made images of some amazing puppies at the Wilson Arts Holiday Pawtraits! Pet Portrait event in Wilson, NC.”

George Freeney Jr.Photographer

Wilson Arts Holiday Pawtraits! 2021

I’ve instructed and hosted several Persona Portrature sessions in the past for humans and have always wanted to host a session for pets, so you can imagine my pleasure when I was asked by Wilson Arts to make Pet Portraits at their annual Holiday Pawtraits! event.

I loved meeting each dog and their humans, all with unique personalities and ideas for the day, and I learned that a great assistant, patience, a few snacks, and a hidden squeaker are the secrets to success.

I hope everyone enjoys these images of the puppies I made during the day.

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